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My Happy Helpers

Wooden Semi Circles

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These semi-circles are a perfect introduction for little ones who are just starting to learn about shapes and colours. Watch as they design and build to their heart’s content, creating castles and walkways.

These lovely play sets offer the opportunity at every playtime for your toddler to exercise fine motor skills and work on problem-solving skills.

Our semi-circle play sets are perfect toys if you are looking for sets that can “grow” with your children. While younger little ones will first start exploring the look and feel of the semis, older toddlers will enjoy creating more intricate spaces, which means they will keep on enjoying a wonderland filled with colour for years to come.

Care information

Dust using a clean, dry lint free cloth.

Wipe over using a damp cloth and leave to air dry.

Wipe over a natural safe oil and leave to dry to maintain condition of your product.