Who Are We?

Our story is short and sweet…

My name’s Sheena, and I’m a Qualified Early Childhood Educator.  My husband James is an electrician, and in 2018 we both moved to Port Hedland, a little mining town in Western Australia. A year later we welcomed our first little bundle of joy, and we named him Asher. 

Being a teacher, having access to educational resources for our little bub was very important to me. I soon discovered it was all too lacking in our little township. Combine the heat in this part of the country along with our isolated location, cost of shipping was horrendous for anything! My passion for children’s learning and development meant I had the desire to seek out a way to encourage Asher to grow and develop in his own way, but I needed to get the educational resources to support that. This sparked an idea for us to try and fill this gap that our children of Port Hedland are missing. And so, Bella Boo Ecoshop was born. The concept and motivation behind Bella Boo is to provide families with teaching resources and toys that support their children’s early developmental needs, but in an eco friendly, ethical and sustainable way. 

I’m a firm believer that children learn and grow in their own way, and in their own time.

The toys, products and resources we’re bringing will support their curiosity and help bring out their full potential. It compliments their development as they learn in their own way, and grow in their own time!

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to be part of your children’s life journey.