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My Happy Helpers

Beechwood Gem Stones

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The stacking stones are perfect for open-ended play, problem solving, concentration and for developing fine motor skills whether for young hands or old.

They can be used to stimulate a child’s imagination and look for patterns in the stones themselves and the shapes made and of course be used in creative play.

- Promotes focus and balance. 

- Enhances engineering and sensory awareness

- Develops cognitive ability and concentration skills

- Boosts cognitive and sensory development and gross motor skills

- For children and adults to encourage self-confidence, focus and flexibility

- Offers a variety of learning experiences and designed for hours of fun


Size: 15 pieces of varying sizes per box 

Recommended Age: 36+ Months 

Care information

Dust using a clean, dry lint free cloth.

Wipe over using a damp cloth and leave to air dry.

Wipe over a natural safe oil and leave to dry to maintain condition of your product.